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Workspace App - start menu refresh



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Hi. I opened a support ticket about this.

We run Workspace App to populate the Start Menu and turn SelfService to Disabled via GPO.

We observed that when a a user is given access to a published app running locally (vprefer allow all apps) the start menu would not add the app icon until the user right clicked Workspace App and Refresh. Even logging off windows and back on did not add the icon. Further I noticed that when you removed an app from a user the start menu icon was never removed, even with Refresh. Both of the mentioned issues did not occur if you actually logoff or Exit Workspace App.

I got a hotfix build of Workspace App and together with the RefreshMs regkey I now get the start menu icons working correctly and Worksapce App refreshing every 5 mins (or whatever time I set the key to. 

I dont have a hotfix numer but my SR was 79081486

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