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Can I install Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops on a Hyper V based Virtual Machine.

virtual desk


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All I am trying to do right now is setup a small Poc setup so that I can understand how all the components work and get something up and running. 


I have some experience with SCVMM and but I don't want to be installing that and deploying multiple VMs for what I am doing. 



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2 hours ago, James Kindon said:

Whoops my bad - cvad (not VCAD) = citrix virtual apps and desktops


And yes, spin up a vm, then start playing


You will learn to enjoy the myriad of names and name changes that happen in citrix world :-)


I know what you mean James. I have been warned about it already. 


But it's not uncommon in my line of work, I'm used to Microsoft changing the names and/or the look and feel of most of their products on a monthly basis lol. 

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Is it possible to do without a System Center, based on Hyper-V in a small Production environment? (about 20 users login from different computers, I provide a single virtual application).

Are there any recommendations to not do this on Hyper-V without System Center?

What if virtual machines (Hyper-V, which is Citrix) work in Failover Cluster (2 nodes Windows Server 2016)? Vhdx disks and machine files are on CSV (Cluster Shared Volume) volumes. Has a chance to work well?

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