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Rob Zielinski




I am attempting to redirect webcams from IGEL OS 11 thin clients.  But currently when attempting to test on the server i am getting no video feed from the Citrix session.  


When on the IGEL locally i am able to use the Webcam Information application successfully.  But when i launch the session and attempt to see the video feed there i am getting nothing but a black box.  No error messages or anything of the sort.  Is there something that i should be looking at further for testing?


I have the following settings configured for the session


Audio Plug N Play


Client audio redirection


Client microphone redirection


Client USB device redirection


Client USB device redirection rules 

      Allow: Class=09

Client USB Plug and Play device redirection


Use Hardware encoding for video codec


Windows Media redirection



Thanks in Advance!

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This seems that have been a problem with attempting to regulate the USB redirection from within Citrix and installing the device drivers on the server preemptively...

Changed the setting from the IGEL profile to allow the specific device redirection.

Uninstalled the driver on the system and video is now redirecting properly.

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