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When configuring Clientless Access, how do I configure pages that are redirected?


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This is an example of composition.
VPN: vpn.abc.com
Internal SSO: sso.abc.com
Internal A Site : a.abc.com
Internal B Site : b.abc.com

When configuring Clientless Access, there is a portal site that has been integrated into a site such as SSO.
ex) sso.abc.com (SSO Site)

After connecting sso.abc.com to Clientless Access, when you log in, it error HTTP/1.1 and vpn.abc.com/aaa
It should be accessed at vpn.abc.com/~~~~~~/aaa


The login page, sso.abc.com
Clientless Access enables you to access vpn.abc.com/~~~~
If you log in, you can't access vpn.abc.com/aaa
If you log in internal, you can access sso.abc.com/aaa

In addition, if you connect to a.abc.com you are forced to sso.abc.com directly.
So, it doesn't connect to vpn.abc.com/~~~/aaa
Try to access an internal site that is sso.abc.com
Of course, it's not accessible.

In this case, how should you set it up?

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