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WEM + FTA setup for WindowsPhotoViewer

Milan Jesberger1709160131


having Paint default app for viewing pics (bmp, jpeg, png formats etc..) on Server 2016 doesn't sit quite well with users (received few complaints)


after some google search i bump into -> https://www.leeejeffries.com/reinstating-classic-windows-photo-viewer-in-server-2016/ which works well except group policy is on computer level and might not work for everyone and most importantly hinders further customization. 


so after further google search and come across -> https://james-rankin.com/articles/per-user-ftas-file-type-associations-in-windows-10-server-2012-r2-and-server-2016-the-final-word/ and followed the Citrix WEM section on how to setup New FTA, get ProgId, Target Application and Command.


using reg file from first link + info from second i come up with, below is "bmp" example:


ProgId got from -> HKCU\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\fileexts\.bmp



Target Application and Command from -> HKLM\software\classes\PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Bitmap



WEM BMP Association Setup



however, when i load Desktop bmp associations isn't working. system still picks Paint as default app.

from wem log file i can see:

10:17:12 PM Exception -> VuemFileAssociationController.ProcessSingleEntityTask() : Error while processing File Association: BMP File Association for Item: Domain\Group
10:17:12 PM Event -> VuemFileAssociationController.UpdateAssignedTasksHistoryIfNeeded() : Clearing File Associations Assignments History for Item -> Domain\Group
10:17:12 PM Event -> VuemFileAssociationController.ProcessActionRelatedRefresh() : File Association Processing: Refreshing File Association Settings -> ShellNotification_NotifyOfChange()...


any idea what i'm doing wrong?


thx in advance


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On 8/31/2019 at 8:30 AM, James Kindon said:

FTA via WEM (or GPP) doesn't work in a modern OS. I use SetUserFTA



Hi James - We are migrating from our 6.5 farm to our new 7 farm and we are having this issue. GPO simply doesn't work. I am newer to our Citrix admin team and the other engineers have hesitation regarding the SetUserFTA tool.  Having had experience with the tool for some time know, has it been stable and or caused you any issues we would need to steer clear of? - OR - are there any other non-3rd-party fixes to this issue you are ware of at this point?  It had been suggested I open a ticket with Microsoft.

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