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What is the difference between "Active user session" & "ICA Connections"?

J Lo

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In "All Active User Sessions". Some user sessions show "Client IP/Port, Server IP/Port" as " and 0" or even has no Client IP and Server IP. Why those sessions are not showing their client side IP?

In "ICA Connections". Many user sessions show in "All Active User Sessions" were not exist here. Also many user sessions show in "All Active User Sessions" with "Client IP/Port" mark as " and 0" have the correct "Client IP/Port" show here.

I'm troubleshooting my internal DNS issue as some of my users connect to XenApp through internet even they are within office internal network area. Internal user/computer suppose to connect to StoreFront instead of VPN. I can't fix this without first understanding the difference between "Active user session" & "ICA Connections"



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Yeah - Carl's right. The Active sessions are for full vpn session users/clientless too I think.  AAA sessions do not show up here I believe.

ICA Proxy shows up under the ICA sessions. While its supposed to have a section for ICA (TCP) vs ICA (DTLS), i've seen some versions display both in the one ICA list.

Some users' may actually be doing both vpn access to some resources and ICA proxy only to others, depending on how things are advertised.

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Hello Carl and Rhonda,

Is that mean I only need to check "Active User Sessions" to find out who connected through Netscaler. Those users/sessions without Client IP or Client IP show as "" were all fake. Please correct me if I was wrong.

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