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No reconnect to disconnected session, instead create a new session

Kylian Comito




We are currently facing an issue for one of our customer that has a 20 VDA 7.6 servers-farm.


Some users gets disconnected from their session on a server and when they try to connect back to their session, there is no error but another session is launch on another server (for the same desktop) : it doesn't take back the old one. It concerns about 1 of 200 times and targets a random user (never the same). The user doesn't get any error on the screen, he just gets ejected and gets on a new session instead of its old one.


When we connect by RDP on the old server, we can see the user session "Disconnected" and at the same time he is "Active" on another server with its new session.


Obviously, the user launch the same desktop, not another.


Does someone have an idea about where it's coming from ?


Thanks in advance.

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