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Application Being Deployed To Wrong Folder

Simon Magee1709159107


I have some applications being delivered via WEM which I have sorted into folders to appear on users Start menu, one of the apps is appearing in the wrong folder (which I have removed and does not exist anymore) the Start Menu integration in WEM points to the correct folder, but on the desktop still appears under the wrong folder. I have reset the user UPM profile too but had no effect.


Should be appearing under 'Start Menu\Cerner Apps - C1932, but appears under 'Cerner Applications' (As shown in attached images)


I have checked the application is not published via Studio and is not in the Defult User profile. Any ideas where this is coming from?



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11 minutes ago, James Kindon said:

If it's a storefront app then it's most probably got a category, keyword, or some sort of tag in the environment it's being published from?


If you remove it from wem altogether, does receiver still publish the app into the start menu??


It has been removed from WEM but still appears, I'll ask if the app has a keyword or tag assigned to it.


Thanks James!

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