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FSlogix Search Roaming, Windows Service Service keeps disabling itself

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


have recently turned off the Citrix Outlook Roaming and enabled FSlogix office 365 containers.


all seem to be ok, but now we notice that the Windows Search Service, will randomly change it self from auto to disabled and then stop.


notice these events in the event log


System Log:

The start type of the Windows Search service was changed from auto start to disabled.

The Windows Search service entered the stopped state.


Application Log:

The search service has detected corrupted data files in the index {id=4810 - onecoreuap\base\appmodel\search\search\ytrip\tripoli\inverted\decodinglayerpages.h (609)}. The service will attempt to automatically correct this problem by rebuilding the index.


The Windows Search Service is being stopped because there is a problem with the indexer: The catalog is corrupt.

    The content index catalog is corrupt.   0xc0041801 (0xc0041801)


These are all at the same time, im guessing the application log is being the service is getting stopped.


it looks like the SYSTEM is doing it, looking at the FSlogix log, i can see the below


[10:45:24.933][tid:00000e0c.00001134][INFO]           ===== Begin Session: Reset of all local user dbs
[10:45:24.933][tid:00000e0c.00001134][INFO]            Stopping WSearch
[10:45:24.934][tid:00000e0c.00001134][INFO]            Service is Auto Start: WSearch
[10:45:24.935][tid:00000e0c.00001134][INFO]            Service disabled: WSearch
[10:45:25.186][tid:00000e0c.00001134][INFO]            Stopping WSearch
[10:45:25.186][tid:00000e0c.00001134][ERROR:00000425]  Unable to stop WSearch service (The service cannot accept control messages at this time.)



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Just wanted to chime in that I have the exact same issue recently with the Windows search engine being stopped and disabled automatically even though I'm 100% sure I enabled and verified it to be working before sealing my image. Not running FSlogix at all but UPM in combination with Outlook 2016 on windows 2012R2 image. I started noticing the change in behaviour because users suddenly started reporting that Outlook shows the yellow pop up warning during searches (index not running). Note that every night our Citrix servers reboot from their golden image and have it running again, only to have windows stop it at some point during the day


Too busy right now with other stuff to look into it myself. Will do soon though

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i have recently moved away from CPM for Outlook search roaming, this setting is disabled in GPO and migrated to FSLogix


i even have a GPO to set the windows search service to auto, i have all my servers built from the same image, it only happens on a few of them, in some cases i have started the service again and 30min later its disabled again.


i did this twice yesterday, then it decided to stay running for the rest of the day, its very weird.


i am running Windows 2016 and Office 365. i have logged a case with FSlogix to see if its anything on there end,


will update if i find anything.

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We're seeing the same problem with the Windows Search service stopping and disabling itself. Looking to try out FSLogix v2.9.7205.27375 to see if that resolves the problem. Has anyone deployed this and verified the search service is working as expected? Windows Server 2016 latest CU / SSU, LTSR CU5.

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Hi Guys,


i have deployed this, we are still finding the service restarts itself.


haven't had any issues with windows search when its running though.


i have also noticed the FSLogix Service sometimes crashes, very rarely but has happened a few times for us and users dont get the VHD mounted, still not sure the cause of this one.


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On 9/10/2019 at 10:23 PM, Campbell Kay said:

Hi Guys,


FSlogix has confirmed this is a known issue, this should be fixed in the October release.


They have provided a dev version for testing, will confirm once i have completed testing on this.


Thanks for this post and update. We have installed the latest update (2.9.7237) and confirmed that it fixed all Windows Search issues.

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