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How to do mobile testing in Citrix? Web applications

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correct, i am trying to access url's in network like dev/qa/uat environments (qa.XXXXX.com) in mobile browser - chrome/safari. Previously we used to do that very easily by connecting any device in in VPN (Anyconnect App.). I am struggling now to get in secured network on mobile. can anybody help please, thanks!

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OK, so you want to use the "Netscaler VPN app"... on Android now called "Citrix SSO", so probably the same on iOS!


This app gives you a full vpn.


To make it work, you need to create a new Session Profile on your netscaler. Disable ICA proxy and Clientless, so it will give you a VPN. Do NOT use split tunneling (it used to be that Apple reqired that iOS VPN apps used a non-split tunnel, not sure if that's changed).


Now you need a new session policy, with a rule something like "REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent CONTAINS iPhone", that is bound to that new session profile. You need to bind this session policy "to the relevant place" (ie where your other default session policy is bound) but with a HIGHER priority. Ensure that you have a suitable authorisation policy set too.


Check that your normal ICA connectivity has not been messed up!


Try connecting with your iPhone......


I have a Netscaler at home, and used to connect to a VPN with an iPhone, but now use Android.... this is, in principle what I had to do.

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