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Is it possible to launch an application on a particular StoreFront store and use HTML5 regardless if the endpoint has Receiver installed?

Bill Barnes1709152652


We will be making changes to be compliant with TLS and require at least version 4.2 of Receiver. Our users are connecting via the Internet from non-domain Windows computers. I am looking into how to use HTML5 if a user cannot upgrade their Receiver to at least 4.2. 


Our management would prefer we do not use the "change Receiver" method and select the Light Version link and instead use an additional app icon that will use only HTML5. If I logon to the NetScaler / Storefront page, see the app icons, and change the URL from the default store that exists to the newly created store URL that has HTML5 only set on Deploy Receiver the app will use HTML5. My question is there a method I can use to bypass launching Receiver locally and only use HTML5 or change the URL on the fly as mentioned?


Feel free to offer any suggestions and thanks in advance for any assistance.

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There certainly isn't a way to accomplish this out of the box. HTML5 (aka lightmode) is controlled by a Cookie though. The cookie name is: CtxUserPreferredClient. Value: Native for Receiver. Cookie removed when switched to HTML5. 


If you could find a way to update the cookie value in time (much testing would be needed), perhaps with an OnClick or OnMouseOver event with specially named icons in some custom StoreFront code. 

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Thanks Dennis for the reply and we will consider this option. 


Will the following provide what we are seeking?

We have two stores configured, one is set to use local Receiver and a second store set to use HTML5 only. Is it possible to add the HTML5 (second store) StoreFront URL to a delivery group and provide an application icon so users that cannot use the "local Receiver" can click on the new app icon and then use HTML5? We have one external (Internet) URL and we rather not add a second URL. That way when a user logs in and cannot use the local Receiver they can use the icon to use HTML5 instead. 


We essentially have just one home grown app so adding an icon is not a concern and is preferred.


Thank you 

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That's  a good idea.


You publish two icons for the app in question (Let's call it Notepad for demontration). 


You have Notepad - Receiver   and Notepad - HTML5 icons.
You put in a Keyword:HideOnHTML5 for the Notepad - Receiver icon.

You put in a Keyword:HideOnReceiver for the Notepad - Receiver icon


Then in your Store Settings - Advanced Settings for each store, you Filter Resources by Excluded Keywords to prevent the app from showing in both stores.


Carl has some pictures and information about this on his site (search for Hide): 


(thinking about this though...how do you get both stores to show in a single view??)


Edited by Dennis Parker
Not sure how to get this working
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