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XA7 version of Get-xasession clientype

Sonia Wiffen


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You wanna get the Information what Client Type not only just Version has connected to your Farm.


May you can get some more Informations here:




I've played a bit around with that for a couple of years. But I'am not so happy with that. I figured out, that Citrix sometimes Change the DB Structure. I that case I have to rewrite the scripts for each versions.


May you have Luck and you get your needed Informations

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On 9/3/2019 at 3:55 PM, Sonia Wiffen said:

GET-Brokersession (and get-brokermachine) do not return the data I am looking for:





ICA Client




I dont think we have same options as XA6.7 in XA7 ...


if you go in director  Filters- All sessions - Choose the columns which you need to display. There most of the available options.


In powershell you may get more information through below commands, but not same as XA6.5


Get-BrokerSession -MaxRecordCount 99999 | Select-Object BrokeringUserName,SessionReconnection, ConnectionMode, ReceiverName, AgentVersion, ClientPlatform, ClientVersion, ConnectedViaHostName, Protocol, SessionSupport,SecureIcaActive

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