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Best solutions about virtual XenApp servers


Hello everyone,


We have two models of HP Blade Server BL 460c Gen8 and BL 460c Gen9.

We installed XenServer 7.1 U2 and what is the best practies about virtual server XenApp 7.15 LTSR U3 (Win2k16). 


Details about HP

* Blade 460c Gen 8 - 2 * 6core + HT = 24 core + 122 GB mem.

* Blade 460c Gen9 2 * 10core + HT = 40 core + 122 GB mem


XenApp 7.15 LTSR ( windows 2k16) setup 8 vcpu + 32 gb mem, on 460 c Gen8 we have 2 virtual and 460c Gen9 we have 3 virtual server.


Best regardes


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Thanks a lot for the answer,

We have two XenServer cluster ( one for model 460c Gen8  and one for 460c Gen9 ) because diferent  cpu speed and model.


My qestions is for how to calclulate virtual CPU for Windows 2016 and Citrix 7.15 LTSR.

Model 460c Gen9 have 2 socket and 10 cores + hypertread, total is 40 cores.

When install XenServer 7.1 U2 , xensever use 16vcpu . 



Do we need to use 3 virtual machines ( 8 vcpu = total 24 Vcpu) or more virtual machine we are afraid of cpu load.


Best regardes



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