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SSL Handshake is Failing between SNIP and Backend member.

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Hi All,


I have two setup in two different DCs. In one DC it is working fine whereas in another DC it is not working at all. We have same backend member in both DCs.


When we try to open URL, browser is simply spinning and we will have white page without an error.


When i did trace i found that i am getting Handshake failure (40) message. Please help me to figure out and resolve this issue. Let me know in case further assitance required.




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using  nstrace , check what ciphers is netscaler  using for the ssl connection to the servers.

FYI: Also not all cipher are compatible with all protocols (TLS 1.0 , TLS1.2 or 1.2).


Make sure at least one of the ciphers the netscaler is  using to connect,  is on your server side  as close to  the op of the list as possible.



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