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Hi All,


Posting to see if anyone can help.  I have a client upgrading their Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm to Xenapp 7.15 LTSR.  They currently have Citrix Secure Gateway.

I have a few questions and need some guidance.  I know of NetScaler Standard VPX express but I want to size this right.  They currently have 12 to 15 users

logging in and they want to use RSA for Multi-authentication.   Which VPX would you recommend?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.



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Desired Bandwitdh comes down on what the users are accessing via Citrix. 

If it is "standard" Citrix Apps without VoIP stuff, i usually calculate around 500kb/s per User, which would leave you with a needed throughput of roughly 10mbit/s. The lowest throughput you can license is 20mbit/s as far as i remember (ADC Standard license), if you only need Gateway Feature (no loadbalancing) there should be 5mbit/s and 10mbit/s licenses.

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