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XS76E004 XE76E005 update problem

Cris Boisvert


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Wow, this is strange - I was actually just trying to find a resolution to this EXACT issue today for the past 1-2 hours.  As a long time Xenserver user (5.?); my first reaction is that this seems completely asinine.  These are not feature updates, but address "multiple security issues" so how exactly does that make any sense?  Even more strange, I am able to apply 1-3 without an issue while 4-5 give them incredibly helpful error detailed above.


Personally, I am tired of the continual changes at Citrix; I would choose to support a different vendor just out of principle at this point.   Their schizophrenic approach to IT is just getting tiresome.


...And before anyone starts ranting around about how it is the "free" edition, blah blah blah - I would contend it is irrelevant.  We made our choices based on the information presented, and the information was that if we decided to build our VDI Infrastructure around Citrix, we would be able to use their hypervisor at no extra cost.  This came in the form of an included license via VDI In a Box; and later, the "free" edition.  Of course VDIiaB is long since dead, which meant we migrated to XenDestop Enterprise and stuck with XenServer - which has been fine thus far.


The end result is 10's of thousands of dollars in Citrix's pockets whether we purchased this unnecessary license or not as we DID purchase other licenses/products from them.  Perhaps 8.0 is a viable alternative, but reading the details didn't look promising as it has dropped support for "older" hardware/software; which may affect us again.


Either way, keep up the brilliant choices Citrix, I can assure you it will be a cold day before we decide to place any additional trust in your unstable hands. 

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16 hours ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

Do please note that if you purchase licenses for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop (Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops), you get Citrix Hypervisor licenses for free, with support for the full feature set.



Well, then perhaps I am being a bit unfair then - as I mentioned, this was the way things were back when we used XS6.x and VDIiaB; the Grid server also functioned as the licensing server; so I just pointed XS to the Grid and presto, XS was licensed. 


I thought I asked about this when we started using XenDesktop; and I thought the answer was to use the free (or whatever it was called at the time...it is hard to keep up!) version.  I will try and get an answer on this then; thanks for the information.


Of course the fact remains that for us, "upgrades" have basically consisted of confusing nonsensical name changes and the removal of features/hardware support - so they haven't exactly been welcomed.


IT is drying up in the SMB space I suppose, and it may be difficult to adjust - but it is very irritating to see products assimilated and then destroyed by incompetence.  VDIiaB was so bad it almost seemed deliberate; but I don't get what is going on with XS.  Oh wait, I mean CITRIX HYPERVISOR - yes, no doubt things will surely turn around now  :)

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