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XenServer 8 Express - How to create an Software RAID 10 after installation for 4 SSDs?

Sven Auer




I am new here and I hope I get help here.


I have a Server with 5 SSDs and I want to install on a fresh installation of XenServer 8 Express a Software RAID 10 for the 4 SSDs that I have not configured. How to create an Software RAID 10 after installation?


Thank you to all that helps.




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I have tested that few times with various XenServer versions, and it has always worked. Like Tobias said its not supported, but in home use i think you are in safe side if dom0 has mdadm installed by default. Citrix Hypervisor 8.0 has it and i hope that it will be in part of dom0 in future too. :) https://twitter.com/oh5ealan/status/777538947736014848 here is a tweet from my tests, i think that was with xs6.5.


Also it would be nice to try to make floating NFS from two or more XenServers local disks with gluster or similar software installed to dom0. It would be like poor mans hyperconverge. :P



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