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Citrix Receiver disable launch on startup/login

Michael Schnaitter


It is incredibly frustrating that receiver transparently auto starts with no reasonable way of disabling such functionality on macOS.  That is poor design, especially when the OS provides a proper facility for registering login items for user applications.  Launch Daemons are not appropriate here, especially given that those daemons do not start when you open the software, thus keeping you from removing them from launchd.  There either needs to be a preference in the app or (better) it should be handled by Login Items. I also don't particularly see the need to have it start at login, since it can be launched automatically after selecting the desired app/desktop session in the web interface using a standard method that works on all platforms.  Please read the Apple Developer documentation regarding the correct usage of LaunchAgents, LaunchDaemons, and Login Items to learn which is appropriate for various situations. LaunchDaemons are inappropriate here.

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