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Xenserver Data Network vs Management


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The management traffic is primarily used for intercommunications, but also for things like imports and exports. You definitely need to keep the management and iSCSI traffic separate; which takes up more bandwidth and overall usage is something you'll need to decide. My guess is your VM network traffic performance is more important, hence I'd eave it on thd 10 Gb network.  Make sure your dom0 has enough resources (VCPUs and memory).



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My thought, no. You want to keep as much of those 3 types of network traffic separated as much from

each other as possible. If you moved your management to the 10gb iSCSI network then you now have

management traffic competing with and slowing down your storage traffic. You want storage to have

to least latency and highest bandwidth possible.  The worst case is for a VM to lose its access to its 





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