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Unable to launch published applications following VDA 7.15 CU4 upgrade




I have just upgraded our XenDesktop Delivery Controllers from 7.6 LTSR to 7.15 CU4 LTSR. I then upgraded the VDA's on our published application servers from 7.6 to 7.15 CU4 LTSR.


Following the VDA upgrade the published applications from our 2008 R2 servers will not launch for users. The session is created on the server and I can see the application they wish to run is actually running on the server but it never appears on their desktop. The session show correctly in Director as if they are connected. The same problem occurs if we try to launch a Server 2008 R2 published Desktop


When the user tries to launch the application from our Storefront  Web Interface, everything looks like it will work, the progress bar launches and completes, then diappears but the app does not then show on the users PC.


On the users PC if we look in Receiver/Workspace Connection Manager nothing shows up.


Has anyone seen anything like this before? I have a call logged with Citrix but am stuck with the uninstall reinstall VDA options just now which are not working.


We have used the same VDA on a bunch of Windows 7 VM's and it works fine.


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