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Citrix Storefront resource shortcuts challenges

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We are trying to create direct shortcuts to published applications in StoreFront. Managed to create some shortcuts by adding a trusted website to the list in StoreFront and disabling "Prompt for untrusted shortcuts" in the advanced settings.


The store is configured with SAML and FAS authentication directly with AAD. NetScaler used for HDX routing only.


When I double-click the shortcut when no browser is running, a browser window opens and I have to click "Open" in the dialogue box. If I leave the browser window open and double click the shortcut again, a new tab opens, with the same dialogue box, however the ICA-file is automatically downloaded.


1: Is there a way to have the ICA-file downloaded straight away the first time the shortcut is opened? 

2: Also, the dialogue box have a button called "Install". What does this do? It does not seem to work (i.e nothing happens when I click it).


See the attached screenshot for more details.




Any help is much appreciated :-) Thank you.





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