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Netscaler VPX Xenapp Ciphers

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We have a Netscaler VPX with Public Facing Virtual Servers for a Xenapp environment. We currently lock virtual servers down to custom "Cipher Groups". However, we would like to lock down the ciphers further.


What we need is a way to see what configured ciphers are being utilized to a virtual server but with what the Citrix Receiver is connecting on to the published application. As what we have seen is the user has an up to date browser so can sign in successfully but cant connect to the published application due to an out of date receiver. Perhaps this information need to be pulled from the Xenapp side?


If we could also go one step further and get their username or something identifiable that would also be great. 


Thank you. 



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Thanks Paul for your response.


We already use that site to verify the available ciphers but it was more of seeing was was utilized. I thought netscaler would easily provided that information. I think the easiest way for us at the moment is to use director and just get everyone upgraded to the Workspace app and off the receiver app and that will support the latest possible. Hard to do across so many customers. 



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