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Problem with disabling service member using a delay (Error 43531)

Oko Loj

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Hi All,


I have a service group with 2 Servicegroup members (pointing to internal tomcat servers). I would like to use the disable functionality with a wait time (delay).


When I disable both service group members the service state correctly says "Going out of service".

However when I try to load the webapp in the browser I get this: "Http/1.1 Internal Server Error 43531".

https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/12/load-balancing/load-balancing-advanced-settings/graceful-shutdown.html states this:



Graceful shutdown is disabled and a wait time is specified.
Service is shut down only after the wait time expires, even if all established connections are served before expiration.


Expected behaviour: new connections are still served until wait time expires.


Am I missing something or is this a bug?


NS Version: NS11.0: Build 71.24.nc




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Right - what Ross said. The graceful shutdown allows the services to complete servicing existing connections, but the load balancer will not direct new connections to these destinations. You would need alternate services to continue serving new content.

without graceful, the service shutsdown to new connections and existing transactions are immediately terminated too.

A backup vserver or a redirect option to handle capacity in this case may help.



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