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How to configure connect gateway which is pointing to NetScaler LB

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I have a NetScaler VPX. I'd like configure it as a gateway and load balance.


I have a configure a load balance is ok.


now, I want to configure a gateway.


Client connect to the gateway, then to load balance.


What should I do?


if I configure Crete new gateway on XenApp and XenDesktop page, then add load balance address as storefront.

the load balance addtess will redirection to storefront address.

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10 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:


Hi Carl,

Thanks for your help.


This is my case topology:



User use laptop connect to virtual desktop.


After configure the NetScaler Load Balance create a new gateway.


I don't known which one of the following should I choose?

  • Unified Gateway
  • XenMobile
  • XenApp and XenDesktop

And How to configure Gateway.


I have try select XenApp and XenDesktop, but I am failed.

I type NetScaler Load balance address in the StoreFront URL box. Then click Retrieve Stores button.



But the address has been auto-corrected to Storefront address.







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