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DVS Controller 6.1.??? - problem enabling TLS cert from private CA

Evgenij Smirnov1709157949


Dear community,


my first Q here so if I am violating any written or unwritten rules, please bear with me.


We had to enable DVS on two XenPools in order to be able to use PVS accelerator. We would like to bind the web GUI to a cert from our private CA. So far, we've been able to import the cert (.pem + .key) into the GUI so that when we click on "view certificate" our cert is displayed. However, the original cert from the "Nicira something CA" is presented to the browser. Restarting DVS from the GUI and rebooting the appiance have both had no effect on this behaviour.


Any insights and guidance are greatly appreciated.


Thanks a lot in advance,



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