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VDA Installation fails on Server 2016 (RDS Host error "DISM)

Baumgartner AG


Hi together


After uninstalling VDA 1903 on my Server 2016 Master VM, I tried to install VDA 1906.2. Installation fails with error: RDS-Host Installation failed.


Detailed Error message: "component dism failed to install 0x800f081f"




So I was trying to install the RDS-Host role manually over servermanager; same error. I recognized that RDS role was still checked as it should be installed already, but no subcomponents are installed. I tried removing the "role" then, but this action also fails. 




Citrix support says the problem is on microsoft side, but I reinstalled VDA about 2 months ago when updating from 7.15 to 1903. I could not just "inplace-upgrade" the VDA back then, because there was some known issue with MCS services installed while upgrading. So I just uninstalled the old VDA and installed the new one, no problems or errors occured.


Now it just seems like VDA uninstall program is not uninstalling RDS role properly, and that seems the reason to me that it also cannot be installed again with VDA setup 1906.2. 


Suggestions anybody?



Regards, Cedy





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Hi James


Been there, done that. I opened a case with microsoft. Turns out the sxs store on the Windows Image is corrupt. No matter what I've tried to repair it, nothing helps. We have to start from scratch with a clean install... 


This is the second time something like that happened to us. I already had a server 2012 R2 image used with citrix. Then suddenly, roles, features or Windows updates could not be installed anymore...  I'm sure that Windows update is the reason for this. Don't know why microsoft is not able to get server OS stable... 


Regards, Cedy

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