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I need help solving an issue with Chromebook in Kiosk mode to publish applications.

Taurus Carter


My previous Google admin configured some Chromebooks to log directly into a publish desktop.  Chromebook come up to Storefront for login and immediately after loggin goes straight into the published desktop.  The requirements for those Chromebooks have changed and now I need those device to go directly to a published app after login to the Storefront.  I am not sure where the config us to change the behavior.  If anyone has any Chrome Administration skills please feel free to send recommendations.




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Hi @tcarter42,


I can definitely help you out here. Do you know if the devices are operating in kiosk mode? If they are, you should be able to login to your Google Admin Console (https://admin.google.com) with an G-suite admin account, and follow these steps:


  1. Login to https://admin.google.com
  2. Click Devices
  3. Click Chrome management on the left hand side.
  4. Click Apps & extensions
  5. Click on the text where it lists Citrix Workspace
  6. Click on Kiosk settings (or whatever mode these devices you're targeting run in).
  7. Click on the OU that contains these target devices on the left pane.
  8. Under Configure in the right pane, click View in the configuration.
  9. This will open up a tab that contains the current JSON configuration data; Copy + Paste this content in this thread (removing any sensitive information beforehand)

Once we know what you're existing policy is, we can give you some more detailed insight on what to change and how to get the new configuration back uploaded.


For more a detailed walk through with pictures, you can follow this guide here: https://chrome-experts.neverware.com/s/article/Deploying-Configuring-Citrix-Workspace-in-Kiosk-mode-via-Google-Admin-Console




-Nick Fuchs



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First, turn off auto desktop launch on storefront. Then, in script.js in the storefronts custom web folder add in this code and replace AppName with the name of your published app:


CTXS.Extensions.noteApp = function(app) {


    if (app.encodedName.indexOf('AppName') != -1) {







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