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published app opens a Adobe Reader which couldn´t be closed be pressing "x"

Carsten Praumlger



I have a strange problem with one application. I have published an application which is working as expected. In this applications .pdf Documents could be opened by the user which is opening a seperate Adobe Reader Window in the session (we have Adobe Reader installed on the hosts which are providing the application). That´s wanted and expected and working really good. 


The only problem we have with this is that the Adobe Reader is not possible to close using the "x" Symbol in the right top of the Window, which is working with each other application and in each other condition. This happens only when the Adobe Reader has been opened out from the other published app. I have no explanation for this behavior. The only possible method to close the Adobe Reader in that case is by the menu using of the Adobe Reader "File/Close".


I have no idea what could cause the Adobe Reader to avoid the "x" Symbol to work with.


Best regards


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