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Change host bond, pool member

Elias M


I come to ask for help. Sorry for the English if it's not clear.

I have a pool of 4 hosts:
host1 = nic0, nic1
host2 = nic0, nic1, nic2, nic3
host3 = nic0, nic1
host4 = nic0, nic1, nic2
pool = (bond0+1) <- matching all hosts


I called the master and created bond0 respectively for all members. That is, 'nic0+nic1' was mirrored on all hosts. However, on host4, I'm using (nic1 + nic2) and not (nic0 + nic1)


Is there any way to change the nic0 adapter to nic1, only to host4?


I use:
XenServer build date: 2017-05-11
XenServer version: 7.2
DBV: 2017.0507

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