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Only Internet Explorer detects Receiver when access Storefront Site

Bryan Chalfant1709159652


Our environment requires Smart card authentication for accessing any sites behind our F5.  We have "Domain-Passthrough" as the only option for accessing Storefront (3.12.300).  

For some reason we can only access the Storefront Site via I.E.  All other browsers fail to detect the receiver.  I know that both Chrome and Edge are at least hitting the F5 and authenticating the user, but once it passes off the user to Storefront it will ask if the user wants to Download the Receiver or Detect Receiver or use the Light version.  

After pressing "Detect Receiver" it then goes to a page asking if the user wants to download Receiver.  If you click on "Already Installed"  it will spin then eventually will say "No logon Methods available on this platform".

I have tried different versions of the Receiver / Workspace with no change.

What am I failing to understand?  The Trusted Sites is setup properly.  I do have to say we do have a tightly controlled environment, but I have deployed a Win 10 workstation in our testing environment that blocks most of the lock down GPOs, but still I am unable to get any other browser to access the Storefront Site.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Thank you Jim!   I will give this a try today and see if I can produce any different results.  This has been driving me mad for several months now and I have yet to find anything concrete on the matter.   It makes me think it has something to do with how locked down both our Citrix environment and end-user workstations are.   My assumption has been that GPOs may not be giving rights to Chrome or Firefox to use the receiver in the registry, but that is pure speculation.


Thanks again.  I will update as soon as I try it out.

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Changing the "protocolhandler = false" has removed the "Detect Receiver" button, but now after selecting proper Smart card cert and PIN, we get to the Storefront page that says "No logon methods are available on this platform".  This is the same message I have been running into for months.


Again, I'm at a loss for what to even check at this point.  Seeing how we have other IIS managed sites behind the F5 that all are successfully accessed using Firefox or Chrome, makes me think the problem is Citrix related.  Either it's the local receiver or how Storefront is setup.   Unfortunately, since we are using an F5 we have do deploy Storefront with only "Domain-passthrough" as the single auth. method.  


Any help or recommendations are greatly appreciated.




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21 hours ago, Bryan Chalfant1709159652 said:

Either it's the local receiver or how Storefront is setup.   Unfortunately, since we are using an F5 we have do deploy Storefront with only "Domain-passthrough" as the single auth. method.  


Just so I am understanding your situation properly, are you saying that Storefront is only configured to accept Domain-passthrough as the authentication method (and you don't have Smart card enabled)?


Have you reviewed the following document from F5 regarding front-ending XenDesktop with F5?  https://www.f5.com/pdf/deployment-guides/citrix-vdi-iapp-dg.pdf


This snippet is from page 47 (particularly the Set-BrokerSite -TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort $true) piece.



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