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Memory and CPUs Assigning to VMs in order to obtain maximum performance according to numa topology

Horacio Marchioni


Hello, I am working with Xenserver 7.1

 I need to control how different VMs are loaded in different NUMA nodes at start up. I have different servers where I want to implement this, IBM, HP and Dell.

 I had found some information about the CLI commands in https://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Cpupools_Howto and also several links inside that link showing how to improve performance, but I couldn't found exactly how, where and in which files  in xen 7.1 I need to include the commands to achieve this when starting up the server. I have also tried with those CLI commands with the server running, but I could not get my VMs to be loaded in an specific NUMA node with all its memory from that NUMA node to attain best performance possible..


Thank in advance, I would appreciate any help on this issue



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For starters, I'd suggest checking out https://www.mycugc.org/blogs/tobias-kreidl/2019/04/30/a-tale-of-two-servers-part-3

and some of the references contained therein, as well as various older Xen documents that discuss various means of loading VMs to optimize NUMA and possibly also looking into VCPU pinning. For a Xen environment, which will be similar enough to XenServer to be relevant, see for example:  https://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Xen_on_NUMA_Machines

Wither or order of starting VMs has to be respected or CPU pinning to ensure reasonable NUMA optimization. It is also important to consider the number of VCPUs to assign as well as how much memory to allocate as part of the optimization process, and those chpoices will of course deped on the server architecture involved.



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