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Migrate Citrix UPM to FSLogix

Martijn Kools




I want to implement FSLogix profiles, big headache is though that users will start with a clean profile and I want to avoid this if possible.

Has anyone ever succesfully converted Citrix UPM profiles to FSLogix?


There are several scripts and tools available but I couldn't get any of them working. The official one from FSLogix was taken down as well.




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It's been a few months since you posted this but I have been searching around myself because I am looking to do something similar.


I am doing a small test with one of my clients next week using this script that is supposed to:


  1. Gets the username from the profile path – you will have to edit this part for your environment… explanation in the script
  2. Use the username to get the SID (FSLogix profiles use the username and sid to name the profile folder)
  3. Creates the FSLogix profile folder (if it doesn’t exist)
  4. Sets the user as the owner of that folder, and gives them full control
  5. Creates the .vhd (my default is 30GB dynamic – edit on line 70 if you wish to change it) – if it doesn’t exist (if it does skip 7, 9-10)
  6. Attaches the .vhd
  7. Creates a partition and formats it ntfs
  8. Assigns the letter T to that drive (edit on line 73 if you wish to change that)
  9. Creates the T:\Profile directory
  10. Grants System/Administrators and the user full control of the profile directory
  11. Copies the profile from the UPM path to the T:\Profile directory with /E /Purge – if you are re-running this script on a particular profile it will overwrite everything fresh
  12. Creates T:\Profile\AppData\Local\FSLogix if it doesnt exist
  13. Creates T:\Profile\AppData\Local\FSLogix\ProfileData.reg if it doesn’t exist (this feeds the profilelist key at logon)


The big thing is making sure you have enough storage on the disk that you're going to be putting profiles. FSLogix profiles demand at least 300MB for the vhd.


Let me know how this works out for you, I have my testing starting next week and I'd be happy to message you regarding any issues I run into running it.

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