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Adding existing AD computer accounts to Machine Catalog

Junior Patterson


when using the Add-AcctADAccount to add an existing account to the identity pool using the following command.
Add-AcctADAccount -AdminAddress $DDC -IdentityPoolUid $identpooluid.IdentityPoolUid -ADAccountName "$AdAccount"
The process works and I then go to the machine catalog and create the machine. The VM is created on the Hypervisor, boots and works fine. Except the Studio console doesn't see it. The machine doesn't show up anywhere in the console.

Any suggestions?

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Hello James,
Thanks for responding.
Account is in the DB, in the following tables.
ProvisionedVirtualMachine and WorkerNames
Just to add a bit of background. We need to move machines from one machine catalog to a new one due to some consolidation. We are using Powershell to remove the machines from the old catalog and adding to the new. These are all MCS non-persistent machines. I think the issue is in the removal and although the accounts are in the tables above, I believe it’s from existing previously in the old catalog. 
I manually removed one machine from the old catalog and using the Add-AcctAdAccount cmdlet, everything works fine and the machine shows up in studio.
I need to examine the removal process more to see where something is failing, even though it says successful.
This is the cmdlet we are using for the removal - Remove-BrokerMachine

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