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Browser content redirection with Igel lx

MArkus Wehr




In an educational lab situation I want to offer bcr to students. 


We have Igel ud3 lx endpoints. The VDAs version and workspace app is 1903.


I understand p720 hd is the best we can get in either scenario Server Render or Client Redirect.


I found these problems using chrome and the bcr extension:


- YouTube returns "413 request too large" occasionally

- bcr does not kick in every time. Especially if YouTube is open right after starting Chrome.

- the YouTube controls seem to hang after a while playing a video with bcr. The client component seem to saturate the CPU of the Igel?


All in all the user experience is much better without bcr (we offer Firefox)


Are there any experiences or tips on how to use the bcr feature with Igel lx?




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Hi @MArkus Wehr,


Good Day :)


Could you try using IE11 for BCR with your existing setup, there have been instances where chrome consumes a lot of client resources. Could you also please update to the latest workspace app.

You could also make use of the Fallback mechanism mentioned in the https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/multimedia/browser-content-redirection.html documentation.



Vikas Hiremath

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