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StoreFront server looking on wrong port for XML service?

Stefani Dalrymple

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First big effort in my migration away from XA6.5, and a necessary one as CSG has stopped working for the newest Workspace clients.



NS11.1 47.14

SF 1906



Single layer DMZ, both SF and NS reside in (SF will likely eventually get pushed inside)

Single FQDN with Split DNS

No HA (this is a very small environment that can tolerate occasional outages)

XenApp 6.5 Farm with what seem to be perfectly reliable STA URLs, insecure on port 8080

Building environment using production hostnames and certificates in hopes to just repoint DNS when testing is complete

For testing there is a lo5 of DNS/Hosts file/etc trickery going on...


What works:

Internally accessing StoreFront resources through the Web UI (hacked hosts file)

Internally accessing StoreFront resources with a receiver app (hacked hosts file)

NetScaler external login / authentication

Authentication and application enumeration through NetScaler to StoreFront


What doesn't work:

Application launching through NetScaler using WebUI

Application launching through NetScaler using iOS Workspace App


Each time that I try to launch a XenApp application the StoreFront server generates this error message in the event viewer:


An error occurred while attempting to connect to the server staserver1.mydomain.local on port 80. Verify that the Citrix XML Service is running and is using the correct port. If the XML Service is configured to share ports with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), verify that IIS is running. This message was reported from the XML Service at address http://staserver1.mydomain.local/scripts/ctxsta.dll[UnknownRequest]. The specified Secure Ticket Authority could not be contacted and has been temporarily removed from the list of active services.


The thing that stands out is that the XML service for these servers is on 8080. The STAs are fine, CSG and WI are both using them to deliver applications without issue. The NetScaler even indicates that STAs are fine at the appropriate 8080 address. Running PCAPs it does appear that both the Netscaler and the Storefront are occasionally sending data to port 80 on the STA servers; to serve what purpose I don't know.


The only places I know to configure XML services/ports is in the Storefront's "Delivery Controllers" section, and in the Netscaler's virtual server (I don't have any global STAs configured on it).


Is the error message indicating port 80 a misleading and ignorable issue, or is there something in the configuration that I missed.


Thank you in advance.



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