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Drive mapping + granular access quesitons

Rudolf Fialka


Hello all, 


Have 2 questions regarding network drive mapping and one regarding administrators set up. So let's start and thank you in advance for your time!

WEM version is 1906

1.) Is it somehow possible to use "Use first available" option in WEM for drive letter option. I think, that "#" option can be used, but maybe I'm wrong, or this is not working for me.
2.) We have some assignments for drive mapping in place based on security group membership (nothing special). But when I remove user from sec group which have active assignments user is bothered with "could not reconnect all network drives" and drive is still visible in explorer, but with red cross. Is there any elegant, or practical way how to clean up those leftovers?

3.) We would like to set up multiple "granular" roles for one security group per configuration set (site name). In example, to have one security group assigned to one configuration set (local country admins and config. set related to that country) with assignments manager and configured user manager permissions configured for that one security group. 


Thank you again for all responses 

Best Regards


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1. Yes, this should work. when you assign an action, you should be able to select the # value. Unfortunately, it appears to be a bug as it's not working on my 1906 release. Log a ticket and I will ping the team also


2. Revert unassigned actions should sort for you



3) you can do whatever you like with RBAC - just be warned that if you have multiple configuration sets, your management overhead is going to be large as there is no configuration set sync of settings (yet)

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Hello James, 


Thank you for your answer!


1.) I thought, that it might be a bug, we will create ticket for this.

2.) Unfortunately this is not working. But it's not such important now, it's more or less cosmetics only.

3.) I'm sorry, Probably I did not explain it correctly. We would like to have  one global admin security group. And then for each configuration set one dedicated security group with lesser then full access permissions, but ideally combination of assignments manager and configured user manager. And here is a problem, as in GUI I don't see any option to assign more then one "manager" role to one security group per configuration set.


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