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PVS 2016 Master Target Device Capture System Reserved Partition

Christopher Grider


Question regarding Capturing a new PVS vDisk image with Server 2016.  In the past we had issues getting a disk capture with the System Reserved partition (2012 R2).  So we worked out a way to move the BCD to C:\ and delete the system reserved partition.


Today I need to get a new Gold Image created from 2016 Server and am having nothing but trouble trying to delete the System Reserved Partition.  Following my old notes from 2012R2 is not working.  We also tried a few other options like DiskPart w/Robocopy but that just gives an Error 5 access denied that we are unable so far to get around.


My Ultimate Question is:  Must we remove the System Reserved Partition before attempting to capture an image with the Image Wizard for Server 2016.  If not are there any caveats or gotchas to be aware of? 


P.S. - I Noticed this Doc from Citrix https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/provisioning/7-15/install/vdisks-image-wizard.html .. "Which states If there is a separate System Reserved partition on the local disk, it must be included as a source partition."  ... This leads me to believe there should be no problem capturing the disk with this partition.


Finally I would like to know how everyone else is capturing a 2016 Virtual Apps Master Target Device?  Are you removing the System Partition or leaving it with no issues?



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Please update here if you get an answer.  I cannot seem to come up with a successful method to delete the System Reserved Partition and move the BCD to C:\.


No one else is experiencing this issue?  Is no one else doing anything about the Partition?  Everyone just leaving it and not bothering with it?  Someone surely has some insights to the recommended solution OR that we dont need to worry about this anymore?




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You are able to prevent the creation of the system-reservered partition right at the Windows setup/installation.

In Windows setup press Shift+F10. This opens a command prompt, where you are able to use diskpart.

I am sure you will find a good description using Google about the simple procedure.


This is how I am always doing it.

As far as I know there is no need for doing so, because PVS is able to handle the partition.

I have not ever tried to remove the partition after Windows setup.

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