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Option 11 or 17 error cannot stream more than one device

Kodiak Olsen


I have a single PVS server and attempting to stream a Vdisk to multiple physical devices. The devices are wyse 5070s. I managed to get a single device to properly PXE boot and load the vdisk. However, no other devices are able to boot and instead get an error for DHCP option 11/17. 


The DHCP service is hosted elsewhere.Option 03 is set properly, option 66 is set with the IP of the PVS server, Option 67 is set to ARDBP32.BIN. Option 6 is set, option 15 is set, and option 60 is set (i have disabled this option as well for testing.)


I have activated option 11 with the ip address of PVS server, i have also configured option 17 with PVS:[IP]:17:6810 and all the variations of it. 


I am using a trial setup to first make sure this system will work. 

I have a single device that boots properly and for testing i grabbed an old "ODDS" device and pointed it to my server and it too was able to boot. 

It appears that its only the Wyse 5070 device that is having an issue. I have blown away the disk for testing, altered the BIOs appropriately, and yet no other wyse device will boot properly (only the one boots).


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. the options currently in use for the scope is:

003,011,066,067,176 4612, 242 242 97xx phones, 001, 006, 015, 046, 060, 241 option 43.


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