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Running into an issue with deploying Citrix Receiver. I am using the DeployCitrixReceiverPerMachineStartupScript.bat file provided by Citrix. I added the 3 lines needed. Some of the machines are failing with the following error.  There is no error code 5 documented that I have found via Citrix searches, but I have found GPO results when searching for error code 5. What is odd is this is random and not on every single machine. Others the script works fine. 


Thu 08/15/2019 16:22:47.54 Package not detected, Begin Deployment 
Thu 08/15/2019 16:22:51.15 Deployment ended with error code 5. 
Thu 08/15/2019 16:22:51.18             : 
Thu 08/15/2019 16:22:51.34 Install Logs: 
Thu 08/15/2019 16:22:51.35

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The Receiver.exe file is located on a file share. The file share has "Everyone" and "Authenticated Users" added with Change, Read, and Full Control. The GPO that runs this is set to authenticated users also. Here is the syntax I am using in the script. 


Here is the odd part. I have the .BAT file on a share as seen below. If I run this manually from the device is works fine. It would agree that it would be permissions if every device was not working but some work and some do not. 


REM *** (1) CURRENT VERSION OF PACKAGE                        ***
REM ***                                                       ***
set DesiredVersion=14.9.7000.11
REM ***                                                       ***
REM ***                                                       ***
set DeployDirectory=\\Servername\Receiver
REM ***                                                       ***
REM *** (3) SCRIPT LOGGING DIRECTORY                          ***
REM ***                                                       ***
set LogShare=\\Servername\Logs\Receiver
REM ***                                                       ***
REM *** /RCU supports upgrade from unsupportedverion to latest ***
REM ***                                  ***
set CommandLineOptions=/silent /includeSSON /RCU STORE0="1235;https://storefront.domain.com/Citrix/****/discovery;on;Citrix ** Apps"

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