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How do you test wrapped android applications against multiple devices with multiple carrier's bloatware and OS versions?

Scott Newton


We are running into an issue of business unit unease with Citrix Endpoint Management (on-prem because they are having application stability issues.  We provide our employees with MOTO Z Play and they are coming from various carriers based on location coverage in three states.  The most recent issue is that the MOTO Z Play 1 and 2 running Android 8.0 have no problems running a home grown wrapped app.  The same app crashes on the most recent MOTO Z Play model running Android 9.0.

We can get a phone for each carrier and OS but that seems to be a financial overkill.  We can run the Android Emulator in Android Developer but that doesn't account for the carrier's bloatware.

How do you test in your environment?

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Hi there,


It sounds like a combination of Android 9 and some other factors are causing some trouble for you. To help ensure stability in your apps, I suggest ensuring that they are programmed to target SDK 28. Also ensure that they are wrapped using the latest MDX Toolkit (now at version 19.8.0). It is best to ensure that any older or legacy frameworks are removed from the app too if possible and replaced with modern components. This should help to ensure the best possibility of having a stable app across multiple devices and OS versions, though there could still be issues.


So that you can at least get a 'head start' with testing (on whatever devices 'are' available), I suggest ensuring that you are signed up to the Citrix EAR (Early Access Release) Program at the following link: https://podio.com/webforms/15680558/1051209. Although this won't prevent the need to be able to test on appropriate hardware, it at least should allow for more time for this testing to take place. There is a dedicated feedback channel for the EAR Program also, so for any given problem the support team can help with GA software (General Availability) whilst the EAR team can help with problems seen in early access builds of upcoming software.


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Regarding the Android 9 issue, it's a known issue at Citrix that they are not Day Zero support ready for and have no idea when they will have it resolved.  They have a proposed work around that my internal development team is trying to figure out now.

"The problem you are seeing is related to a known issue with Android 9 devices.  The root of the issue is that Android 9 has removed all of the Apache libraries that were available on Android 8 and earlier devices.  The fix for the issue is to remove the dependency on those libraries from MDX.  The engineering team is currently working on that, but there is not a time frame for when that work will be completed.


The work around for this would be to rebuild your app with after updating the build.gradle.  Below  is a sample of what needs to be modified.    Once updated, rebuild the app and then wrap it again before deploying it.


Let me know if you have any questions



apply plugin: 'com.android.application'




{ ... useLibrary 'org.apache.http.legacy' ... } Properties localProperties = new Properties() localProperties.load(file('https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__local.properties&d=DwICAw&c=mVhJk4018fuORYGurGiUgw&r=3PMAHUZ-7S2jCoiDd5MRkGBZtEOWV237rw9PNj4REZ0&m=o30XijmbKYORL62EQz4UvP-XrXBHhWZb8jOSM_fr3cQ&s=hdhOshZyjhHfYooTitRvPLdTfWtHpzI4uiVZ9YFsb4s&e= ').newDataInputStream()) def sdkDir = localProperties.getProperty('sdk.dir')

def androidPlatformVersion = 27


dependencies {


api files("${sdkDir}/platforms/android-${androidPlatformVersion}/optional/org.apache.http.legacy.jar")




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