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Windows touch screen does not work when Citrix app is launched.

Don Leugers


We have a Touch Screen built by Advantech (Model TPC-1251T). The OS is Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB.


The touch screen has been calibrated for the PenMount Touch Screen Pointer.


The touch screen works great for all Windows icons and input fields. When I launch Citrix Receiver (4.11) for Windows the published apps are displayed. I can select any app with one tap on the touch screen. Once I select the app, the app logon appears and the touch screen no longer works. Sometimes if I tap enough times it may respond.


Is there some form of Citrix setting that needs to be turned on? I read a few articles and one mentioned something about Citrix Multitouch Redirection?


Any help would be appreciated.

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I faced the same issue before, please try below steps :


1. Download the updated Citrix workspace.

2. Download the updated PenMount driver (In my case I am using PenMount-Windows-Universal-Driver-V2.4.6.387-WHQL)

3. Change the install.ini file and remove the ";" for line "TouchReport       = 1" .  ( This is important because this will force Win10 to use the Mouse Mode )

4. Start install the PenMount Driver. ( If you already installed before please uninstall it and reinstall again ).


Hope this can solve your problem.


Best Regards,


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