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Xen Center shows host as disconnected

Reg Dancy1709159709


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Check if NTP is correctly configured and the hosts are within a reasonable tolerance of the expected time using "ntpstat -s". The value should ideally be around 200 milliseconds or less.

If that doesn't help, you may need to run "xe pool-sync-database" from the pool master to force all hosts to be synchronized to the master's DB.



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xe pool-recover-slaves


The first one still shows up in Xen Center as disconnected. I actually tried a network reset from the console and that seemed to resolve one of my other hosts.

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Messages about hosts that can't be contacted sounds like they are having trouble reaching each

other. Does ping between all of the management interfaces seem okay ? Are you doing bonds 

on the management interfaces ? If so you might want to back off to just a single management 

interface across your pool if their is issues between your bonding and your switches.





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