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FSLogix - Disable Migration for existing Profiles (like UPM)?


Hello together,


I've setup now a few Environments with FSLogix. I love it. But now i missing one Feature from UPM "Migration of existing Profiles - NONE". 


The Problem occurs on a Terminal Server 2016 and Users in Active Directory has an configured Profile Path. With a configured Profile Path each Logon creates a Profile Disk but users will logon with a Temporary Profile. 


The Solution is to remove the Profile Path from the Users AD Account.


Citrix UPM solve this with their policy "Migration of existing Profiles - NONE". I tried the Combination, set UPM as Activ with just this Setting (does not work), Set the single RegKey (does not work).


It's possible to do the same in FSLogix to ignore configured Profile Path from the User AD-Account?




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Fslogix profile container is simply a local  profile. The config assumes no roaming  profiles in place for it to work.


UPM was different in that it was a profile Management solution, fslogix is a profile container for local profiles


So in short - turn off roaming profiles if you want to use local profiles (containers) :-) 

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I know the differences. May it's a bit hard to say what i want exactly.


The End User should still work on their local PC's like before (with their AD User Account Roaming Profile. In small environments not a Problem but in large ones)

If this User Account use Citrix they get a seperate FSLogix Profile. I want just avoid that these both type are mixed together. 


I allready know how to solve my Problem. I just want to know, if it's possible to set a RegValue like in UPM to ignore the User AD Path for Profiles, not more not less.

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