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Is it possible to downgrade licence from XenDesktop to XenApp - aka from 'Virtual Apps and Desktops' to just 'Virtual Apps'?

Nathan Shaw


Hi, I have licences for Virtual Desktops+Apps, but half my users only use Virtual Desktops (Win 10 VDI), and half only use Virtual Apps (Win Server 2016 HSD), and I want to downgrade half the licences to Virtual Apps (aka XenApp), to save money on the renewals.  Is that possible?  Frustratingly, the Citrix Studio's licensing panel shows duplicate licence entries for both 'Citrix Virtual Apps Advanced'  and 'Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Advanced', making me hope this is possible.


Have read the Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x licensing FAQ, but that doesn't address my scenario.




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2 hours ago, James Kindon said:

Thanks for the doc, it describes the mechanism for having multiple licence types, but doesn’t address whether I can downgrade half my licences, and whether that impacts renewal costs.  I don’t want to renew all my licences as XA+XD, as half my users are XA only.  Cheers!

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