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Change of storefront base url

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I initially did a setup with a single controller and storefront base URL was the address of the server itself. Users are all connecting through Netscaler.


Now I need to plan migration of the Controller and Storefront to a new server as well as plan for HA, so instead of using a base URL of xdc01.ad.domain.com I would like to move to storefront.ad.domain.com


My worries are about the receivers that currently contains the name of the serveur as store and netscaler configuration as well. If I change the base URL and make a cname DNS record for xdc01.ad.domain.com to point to storefront.ad.domain.com, will those receiver still work ? The Netscaler URL will not change at all.


I hope I was clear enough.


Thanks for your help guys

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It's cleaner to reset those Receivers and re-discover. For corporate-managed machines, you can configure a GPO to push out the new StoreFront URL, and a logon script to run "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\SelfServicePlugin\CleanUp.exe" -cleanUser" if HKCU\Software\Citrix\Dazzle\Store has the wrong path.

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Hello Carl, thanks for the answer !


Unfortunately we do not have control over endpoints as they are not company devices and only external users connected through Netscaler. I know it would be cleaner but I would like to know if it would work the way I want to do it and then the URL will be corrected by itself as users change devices, upgrade or reconfigure workspace.

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StoreFront will only accept the Base FQDN and Gateway FQDNs. I think there's a way to modify the web.config file to accept additional FQDNs.


However, I'm not sure if Receiver will auto-update its locally stored configuration. You might have to instruct your users to remove the account and re-add it.


Note: browsers won't have any problems going to the URL.

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So i did it, the result is that Workspaces are messing up when you have multiple <allowedAudiences> (spinning forever, crashing, display two apps store in Accounts lists, ..)


Also, if you change the Display name of Delivery Controllers  in storefront configuration, even if you correct the Subscriptions with export / modification, then Workspaces have to refresh apps because old shortcuts also contains display name of Delivery Controllers




So I do not recommend changing Storefront base URL when using Workspace with configured accounts and icons / shortcuts. I reverted back to the old base URL to avoid issues on all clients.


Unless you are only using web version to log in the Workspace, then you should have no issue changing Base URL as Carl said.

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