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Unattended Hypervisor / XenServer installation without PXE/DHCP

Ceacutedric Sadowski


Hi everybody,


I want to proceed with unattended Citrix XenServer (version 7.1) installation without PXE/DHCP (because not implemented on my network) and I've read this article : https://www.batchworks.de/unattended-xenserver-installation-without-pxe/

Try to reproduce but don't work.

I think it's normal because when we choose to boot from ISO DVD and type "menu.c32" and add "answer=http://192.168.xxx.xxx/answerfile.xml", it can't contact the server with IP 192.168.XXX.XXX (because at this time, there is no network configuration ...).

Can you tell me if I'm wrong ? And if it's possible, could you please help me to understand how it can work and how to debug ?


Help will be very appreciate.





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Confirm that it doesn't work.


As you can see, I put the correct information after typing menu.c32.

The boot sequence start and attempting to configure networking (but how can it define IP Address ? Can't access to xml answerfile at this time !).

Resulting in a "Network unreachable error" which is totally normal (I suppose).

Use CTRL+ALT+F2 to switch in console mode and see that eth2 (my administration interface) is not yet correctly configured (shoud have an IP address in 192.168.150.xxx to reach my IIS Web Server aka


Could you help me to diagnose ?


Help will be very appreciated because I have a lot of servers to install and automation will be my friend :-)




attempting to configure networking.jpg

network unreachable.jpg

network unreachable python error.jpg

ifconfig eth2.jpg

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So if you've read the article in this link https://www.batchworks.de/unattended-xenserver-installation-without-pxe/ , we're ok to say that it can't work.

I've used console mode (Ctrl+alt+F2) during network configuration to assign manually an IP address with the good network information. After this, it works.

Can you tell me if it was possible to put this argument during <menu.c32 ==> put answerfile=....> step ?





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