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The connection to X failed with status (unknown client error 1110)


I'm having trouble connecting to my laptop using Virtual Delivery Agent v7.13 when initiating a connection over NetScaler. In comparison, I can install VDA on a physical PC or a virtual machine and it works. It seems something specific to my laptop. 


When I try connecting, Receiver opens up and fails with the following message: 


The connection to x failed with status (unknown client error 1110)


If I connect from inside the LAN, i.e. Storefront then it connects. It only seems to be an issue when I connect via NetScaler -> Storefront -> machine.


What sort of troubleshooting steps can I perform?

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I have this issue as well, but It occur only with VDA 1912 and when there is not Citrix gateway configured for the store. This is because of HDX Adaptive Agent not set to off. Unfortunately, despite a policy that force this settings to Off, the policy does not apply. 


VirtualApp 1912 CU1

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