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Force reapply Citrix Polices - CVAD 7.15 CU3 (Server 2016)


Hello m/f/x  :11_blush:


I've got a interesting issue on a Costumer Site. 



When a User start a Desktop Session he applies all configured Policies (no issue). When the User go to another PC and logon he get the current Citrix Session on another PC (thats ok). But Citrix Policies aren't reapply / refreshed. We recognize that through Printer Policies that applies to Computer Name. That issue we confirmed with the Director View "Applied Policies". In a new Environment 1906 it's work fine.


Anyone knows how to force apply Citrix Policies (except gpupdate)? The EventLog display nothing about that. 



CVAD 7.15 CU3

Server 2016 Build  14393.3025

WorkspaceApp 18.12


Thanks for any ideas :)



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OMG found the issue... And oops, solutions already there: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/377421-manual-reapplying-citrix-policies/?csrfKey=


Basicly exists from somewhere (i dont know how set this value) this Key:

DWORD: DisableGPCalculation
Value: 1

After delete this RegKey (in a Default setup "Reconnect" is not exists) everything works fine. 

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