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PVS Server Write Cache Default Location in a DIFFERENT Location than vDisk Store?


So worst case scenario (we have everything always configured to ram with overflow to disk) I noticed that machines will essentially fail back to using the server cache method. Our main vdisk store is on a netapp (so shared among all PVS servers) and I have tested it failing back the cache to server and it then makes a 'write cache' folder next to the adjacent vdisk.


What Im wondering is however if I can change the default server write cache to a local drive (which would be faster) so that worst case scenario if a VM does fallback to server caching vs ram with overflow its not going to then hammer the same storage all of our vdisks are being read from.


Anybody done this? Any potential issues? 

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If you have the cache set to RAM cache with overflow you have to look at why it is failing over?  Is the local disk to small to handle the cache, the system page file and anything else going to that drive.  Here are the 3 main reasons the Citrix Provisioning driver fails over to server side cache:

  • it does not find a drive with more than 500mb of free space (which is way to small anyways)
  • Does not find a local drive (they can not be removable drives) or drives are not up and running when the driver looks for them (see this mostly with server hardware)
  • Can not find a local formatted drive

If you put place the server side cache on the local drive of the Citrix Provisioning server then the target will not be able to failover to another server, the cache has to be accessible from all the servers and be configured in such a way that it appears to be the same place for each server (in other words a UNC share or a network mapped drive with the same drive letter for each server)  


The one other thing to note here, when create devices using the CVAD setup wizard and you are configuring local drive to be the cache, it will startup the VMs once and server side cache will be used.   This is done so the local drive can be formatted so the drive can be used for the cache file.

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4 hours ago, Carl Fallis said:

You can add a server cache path to the store from the store properties page of the console.


Thats exactly the setting Im looking at - basically Im wondering if setting the server cache to a local drive on the server is a bad idea or would cause any conflicts if the main store path (where I want to locate my vdisks because we have multiple PVS servers) is set to a network drive on our netapp.


One thing I can (obviously) think of is that the cache would not be shared among multiple servers but I wasnt sure if in the case of failover the cache was also a part of that or recreated on the fly or some other method.

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