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How to figure out which snapshot a server has booted from?

Jacob Sampson


We have had a scenario where we updated a master image and all of our servers rebooted but from some reason 3 of the 58 did not get the update that was applied through that image.  I would like to write a powershell script to detect which image a server is booted from.  Is there soemwhere in Citrix or VMware where that snapshot name is stored that I can query?


Thanks in advance.

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I appreciate the feedback.  I am aware of how to get which snapshot is currently associated with a machine catalog.  What I am trying to validate is which snapshot my xenapp servers are actually running from.  I had an instance where a server rebooted but somehow did not pull the snapshot that the MC was linked to.  It just booted up with the previous snapshot.  I would like to script being able to recognize this situation if it happens again.

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